Your Trusted Partner in Capturing Strategic, Non-Dilutive Government Funding

Mid-America Applied Technologies Corporation (“MATCorp”) is a non-stock, tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation registered as a 501c3 with the IRS, and as a certified non-profit with the State of Ohio. MATCorp is organized to aggregate teams of primarily (but not exclusively) Ohio-based emerging technology providers to pursue solicitations inside of existing Federal OTA consortia.

Business Development

Identification and Awareness

MATCorp will commence a sequence of identification and awareness-building steps which will include deployment of a website (www.mat-corp.org), corporate registration on sam.gov and GovWin, and joining select consortia. As a consortium member, MATCorp will participate in Industry Days operated by the consortium manager. These events will allow MATCorp to target internal solicitations, gain visibility as a member/subcontractor, and identify potential team members for future solicitation. Business Development – MATCorp will accurately assess the marketplace, identify and qualify opportunities, and authentically represent the capabilities of our team members. MATCorp will meet regularly with Program Executive Officers to better understand the program landscape and increase the likelihood of a successful proposal.

Technical & Program Leadership

Implementation Strategy & Execution Excellence

Technical/Program Leadership – MATCorp will work with subcontractors to capably and innovatively devise and implement the technical approach and strategy of the consortium as well as establish and maintain the delivery schedule and quality of the proposal deliverables.

Contracts and Compliance
– MATCorp will be responsible for forming and managing subcontracts as well as teaming agreements with team members while ensuring compliance with all applicable Federal regulations.

Team Management

Seamless Access to Consortia

MATCorp will manage the solicitation bidding process by communicating client agency requirements to team members, and then consolidate bid and proposal submissions to consortia from subcontractors.

Focus on OTA’s

MATCorp Is Focused On a Rapidly Growing Government Contracting marketspace Called Other Transaction Agreements (OTA’s)

  • OTA’s are typically very large ($5M – $100M) and do not fall under Federal Acquisition Requirements (FAR) regulations, which makes them much easier to capture, award, and execute
  • OTA’s have significantly less regulations and are similar to a typical commercial contract
  • OTA’s are typically executed by a network of companies, organizations, institutions and managed by a consortium manager
  • We are not chasing “grants” or “cost sharing” contracts
  • We are seeking “cost plus, fixed fee” (CPFF) sub-contracts which reimburse
    all direct and indirect costs

OTA’s Are A Fast Growing & Increasingly Accessible Market Opportunity 

Value Proposition

Areas of Focus

MATCorp is teaming companies and education institutions with expertise in the following categories:

  • Advanced Materials
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Big Data
  • Biotechnology
  • Cleantech
  • Drone Technology
  • Energy Storage
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Medtech
  • Nanotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Sustainability
  • Therapeutics

Benefits of working with MATCorp

To small, medium, and large innovative technology companies of which join MATCorp team, MATCorp provides ready access to Federal applied R&D funding and project management. This access increases Federal market opportunities for innovation-based organizations, while reducing the bid timing, contract complexity, regulatory and cash flow risks typically encountered by organiations seeking to directly serve federal markets.


  • Access to federal markets
  • Supplement internal product/tech R&D with non-dilutive external funding
  • MATCorp founding team and board has significant Federal experience
  • OTA market is large, with an accelerated growth rate


  • Fast bidding
  • Milestone payments/predictable revenue and cash flow
  • Low or no compliance risk
  • Teaming opportunities with adjacent companies and universities
  • Once selected, quick turn production contract

Industry News

Other Transaction Authority (OTA) | AiDA (mitre.org)

Other Transactions (OTs) are procurement instruments other than contracts, grants, or cooperative agreements enabling flexible business arrangements to acquire research and development to support technology advancement or to quickly develop a prototype. Many laws and regulations governing federal contracts do not apply to OTAs.

Pentagon OTA Spending Could Top $7 Billion in FY 2019 | Bloomberg Government (bgov.com)

“OTAs have become increasingly central to the way the DOD invests in advanced technologies. They enable the Pentagon and a handful of federal civilian agencies to sidestep the standard procurement process for research and prototyping projects. Instead of issuing and reviewing multiple solicitations and requests for proposals over the course of several months, defense officials can issue OTA awards in a matter of weeks, based on as little as a supplier’s 10-page white paper.”

“In fiscal 2015, for instance, only $1 out of every $38 the Pentagon obligated toward R&D contracts flowed through an OTA. By the end of fiscal 2018, it had risen to $1 out of every $7. The Pentagon has encouraged OTA use in official guidance, including its June 2019 digital modernization strategy, which called on defense procurement officials to “leverage the power and agility” of OTAs to acquire new technologies faster.”

Department of Defense Other Transaction Authority Trends: A New R&D Funding Paradigm? | Center for Strategic and International Studies (csis.org)

In DoD, Technology Development continues to shift towards OTAs and away from traditional acquisition approaches.

Contracting Cone | Adaptive Acquisition Framework (dau.edu)

MATCorp will strictly prioritize pursuit of Prototype OT awards, as a member/team lead to existing consortia.

Our Team

Bill Mahoney

President and CEO

Bill Mahoney

Consultative, servant leadership based upon extensive C-level experience in both commercial for-profit and non-profit technology-based organizations, with proven records of growth, operational excellence, and high stakeholder ROI...

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Dr. Albert Green


Dr. Albert Green

Dr. Green is the Founder and CEO of AMG Consulting Group, which focuses on technology scouting and commercialization, Technology-based economic development, international business development and executive mentoring...

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William Evans


Consultative, servant leadership based upon extensive...

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Lt. General Lawrence P. Farrell Jr, USAF (retired)


Larry Farrell served 33 years in the US Air Force and has followed that career with 16 years in business and...

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Vice Admiral Charles L. Munns, US Navy (retired)


Chuck Munns lives in Aiken SC and remains active after military...

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Justin Kalvitz


Justin Kalvitz has more than 30 years of sales, marketing...

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Kevin Lu


Kevin is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a degree in physics and economic...

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Kareem Agag


Kareem has been in many roles across various technology companies and startups and has experience...

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Board Members

Lt. General Lawrence P. Farrell Jr

USAF (Ret.)

Albert Green


Ray Leach

CEO, Jumpstart

Bill Mahoney

President and CEO, MATCorp

Marty McGann

General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Advocacy and Strategy, Greater Cleveland Partnership