Lt. General Lawrence P. Farrell Jr, USAF (Ret.)


Larry Farrell served 33 years in the US Air Force and has followed that career with 16 years in business and association management.

His Air Force service encompassed duties from combat fighter pilot and Commander to system management, acquisition management, planning, budgeting and strategy. He served 23 years in fighter operations at several levels of command. After that he served as System Manager for the F-4 and F-16 weapons systems worldwide, as Planner/Programmer for US Air Forces in Europe, as Air Force Programmer, as Deputy in the Defense Logistics Agency, and as Vice Commander in the Air Force Systems Command. His last assignment was as Deputy to the Air Force Chief for Planning and assembling the $100B plus Air Force Program.

Following government service, Larry entered the business world. During this time, he led the National Defense Industrial Association as President & CEO. His 13 years as President witnessed major growth in assets, revenues and membership. During the same time, he served on numerous Boards and study committees. His board service extended to defense companies as well as the commercial medical space. His roles encompassed the positions of Board Chair, Audit chair, Governance Chair, Compensation Committee and Independent Director.

Larry also participated in numerous studies as both member and as chair. He chaired two acquisition reform studies for the Secretary of the Air Force and participated in numerous studies at the Center for Naval Analysis on climate, energy security and Afghanistan.

Larry graduated from the Air Force Academy with a BS in Engineering Science. He has an MBA from Auburn University and has attended the National War College, the Kennedy School for Executives in National Security, the Kellogg School for Corporate Governance and Executive Training at Texas A&M.

He presently serves on several non-profit and charitable boards.